Welcome to bed and breakfast Citta' Turrita!

The name of our b&b - which could be translated into English  as “towered town” – it's a tribute to the awesome city of Ascoli Piceno and its hundred towers.
The structure is ideal for a pleasant vacation: it's situated nearby the old town centre and the railway and bus station and it is also near the military base “E. Clementi” and the University branches.
It is a very spacious, quiet, bright b&b and it has been elegantly furnished.
Visit the apposite sections to find out the services we offer and where the b&b is exactly situated!


The  b&b Città Turrita has two rooms: a spacious double room, in which you can require an additional bed and a single room.

It is situated in a central position, a few steps away from the old town centre and from the station.
It takes just a few minutes to reach all the most interesting  sites, starting from the Malatesta Fort and the Squarcia Arena - where the “Quintana” medieval contest takes place – which are very close to our structure!
It results close to the military station “E. Clementi”, seat of the  235° regiment of Ascoli Piceno.
In the surroundings you will find everything you'll need: post offices, ATM, supermarkets, bazaars and, moreover, just behind the building where the b&b is situated you'll find a cycling lane that leads to the hearth of the town.
You can decide to explore the city by bike using the  municipal bikesharing service to which you can access going to the station square, just behind the b&b! (For more informations visit  http://www.ascolibybike.it ).
The rooms are spacious, very bright and elegantly  furnished.
Both of them have balcony, they are heated up and wi-fi provided.
Into the large living room you'll find a  big lcd television with dvd player and a movie selection.
There's also a book collection, even for kids.


Prices are referred to each room and they include the breakfast and a at least a sheet change every week.

It isn't possible to pay using credit cards.

Double room                       max 60 Euro

Extra bed                            max 10 Euro

Single room                         max 35 Euro

Wi- fi                                    3 Euro  a day

Special prices on the occasion of the Quintana race and  military oath cerimonies!


The b&b is situated in a quiet neighborhood called “Porta Maggiore”, in a building very close to the bridge that connects this neighborhood to the old town centre.


Ascoli Piceno in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and it is called “the hundred towers' town” because of its large number of medieval towers, symbol of ancient dominances.
Among them you will find the so called “twin towers”, near the S. Agostino church; the tower of Ercolani among the Longobards' small buiding; the S. Venanzio tower, rearranged as bell tower; the tower nearby the Roman bridge of Porta Solestà.

The use of travertine characterizes historical buildings, especially the numerous Romanesque churches like  S. Tommaso, S. Angelo Magno, S.S. Vincenzo e Anastasio, S. Maria Intervineas and the baptistery nearby the Cathedral.

“People's Square” is considered one of the most beautiful italian squares and there you will find, beyond the enchanting S. Francesco's gothic church, the medieval porch and the Captains' Palace, also the famous and antique Meletti Cafè.
Another important square is “Piazza dell'Arengo”, seat of the cathedral, the baptistery, the municipal offices and civic museums.
In Ascoli Piceno youl'll find all that and much more!
Ask for informations to th b&b manager: he will give you counsels and  tourist brochures.